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I thank the honorable sinker for his criticism on  my video unfounded as it is The camera is set to my cheek  I will endeavor to trace the problem  as for the assault on the camera boat ……..there was none..  what it was in fact was  a greeting flotilla  as one would expect for a new comer  into our exclusion zone which could be dangerous for the intruder as sailing requires wind and once on coarse  then that is the path we take  an intruder  could be cut in half  so to protect him we form a protective form around them  …..assault/ ram /  narh  didn’t happen    it was noted that fruity raced his boat after the wheel chair mob had left  …smart move  for the poor dears woulda broken their necks with the speed required to see the flamin thing and the noise woulda busted all their hearing aids plus the electric wheelchair electronics’ would have fizzled  gord knows how their pacemakers would have held out  soooo………. good move fruity ……………………just sayn