RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2023 Saturday Fly-In Reply To: Saturday Fly-In


ITS NOW PUBLIC FACT that fruity ..the sinkers apprentice  did on film offer $50 dollars australian to anyone who crashes into another aircraft  Well the sinker did in fact take up that offer an now we all wait for MR FRUIT LOOPS  to fulfill his wayward  request for a crash  I kermit la frog will video the payment on this site when he pays up .Fruity on numerous occasions has offered the same deal but up until now it’s never been followed through  but I have heard on the grape vine that the sinker is short for a few bob  an by smashing young gadgets aircraft into the ground  has or at least  will get $50 PERHAPS A GO FUND ME  for the sinker could be started ……………………………..just sayn