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TO cold for frogs…. Nope , 6 today the other 30 are on holidays  THIS VIDEO is dedicated to the sinker for his love for birds  as any one can see if they search a bird site called birds unlimited  his name is up up there looking for   chickies  old chooks young chicks  etc  but I digress today was for sure one bloody cold day  one of the lads was wondering why his yacht was going in circles  it turned out his thumb had frozen on the rudder toggle CRIPES IT WAS COLD  at least the BBQ was hot an the  tea was as hot as some of the pictures the sinker has shown me    We had the pleasure of MR Predator  sailing with us with his magnificent big blue yacht that I didn’t get on film but he did have a camera on the stern    (thats the rear part of a boat for the wheel chair mobs information ) nice boat indeed   that’s about it   cold but still a fun day ……………………………………………just sayn