RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered Predators final build for 2021 Reply To: Predators final build for 2021


Thought it was about time I got back in to FPV flying again.

Its been a long time between flights with the “Prowler” but after cleaning the dust & cobwebs (take note Scott) off I decided to remove the FY-41AP autopilot & replace it with the much smaller (and far more featured) MATEK FC 411-WTE running iNav.

As the Prowler already had the slimline Pan/Tilt gimbal & 600mw VTX fitted, the upgrade was relatively straight forward.

Given that the iNav system is way smaller there was no issue fitting it where the old system came out of.

I think it all checks out Ok (but it’s easy to miss something in the iNav setup) so I guess Wednesday will be the test.