RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2023 Another Beautiful Day in Paradise Reply To: Another Beautiful Day in Paradise


IT seems the sinker hasn’t yet forgiven me for impaling him last fly  because he bought his vicious  eagle the mechanical devil that he reprogrammed to attack I barely survived  after he fetched it upon me  I think after this assault we can call it even I of course agree with the guru of weather MR PREDATOR it was an outstanding day we had sheep eagles falcons a predator  a frog a giant an uncle and a fab ……..that’s something you wash up with  an he washed the field with his flying skills today if you flew in his wash you for sure went faster and cleaner  that bloody giant once again got possession of my camera with the result it took me hours just to edit the dribble he produced an then ofcouse there’s the deformed camera buttons I will have to replace again  BUT WAIT.. THERE IS THE SINKER  he wouldn’t even park with us at the beginning  but with the promise of a wee drop of whisky 🥃 he did come and joined us for the day  it was agreed after he fetched his rabid mechanical bird on me  and blood was shed we sorta agreed the feud is over …..sorta  that leaves the master the all powerful weather guru flying the red wonder machine DRACO  only the best of the best can handle the mighty draco even going so far as to dropping a parachutist for our enjoyment   what an outstanding day  almost perfect  ………………………………….just sayn