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Well then, all up you are probably looking at $150.00

F405- Wing FC = $70.00 inc postage

BN-220 GPS = $22.00 inc postage

then you need an XT60 plug & socket

Red & Black silicone wiring (for battery & ESC)


Compatible Receiver with SBUS & S-Port connections (I use FrSky X8R)

and of course a computer capable of programming the FC. The first one is always a challenge but then they get much easier.

To get the most out of the telemetry you also need a decent RC Radio that can handle LUA scripts, I use a Jumper T16 (which has a large full colour display) but any of the new RadioMaster radios should also be fine & even the older Taranis X9D will do the job but you only get a monochrome telemetry display which is harder to read.

If using FPV both the camera and VTX plug straight into the F405-Wing to provide programmable OSD to you goggles or screen.