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WELL WHATAYA KNOW  the sinker has produce a video somewhat worth watching not sure if it was fruitys influence  but yep definitely  worth a slow fast forward I bet there was an awful lot of editing on this one out of 10 I would give this one  …. emmmmmm..  2 an a half  because fruity had an imput  thats where the two comes in  NOW THE REAL SAILING NEWS  I suffered two electrical mishaps on two boats both with rudder control servos HOWS THAT  one was with a wire that just fell  off the other was a faulty plug thingi  that goes into the electroinic whatamarcallit  thingi but that gave me the opportunity to get the camera out an film this magnificent sailing video Starring the best of the best  after the days fun bit we went to the far end of the canal for our BBQ there we were entertained with the admiral outlineing rules  for sailing  yea that went down well  then it was chinas turn an from him we learnt  that the lifting of the war ship Mary Rose 🌹 from king henry’s time sank in the waters of the yarra river an from moos account the stern light was still on  Now that part I know is wrong because everready batterys wern’t invented until the mid 90s   an im havein a hard time with capt pugwashs part when  henry was sailing out on the flagship he was havin a chat to ann berlynn on his mobile  (an android ) because iphones hadnt been invented yet now thats just wrong  so after a heated argument on king henrys  phones  we left  ARHHHHH What a bunch of wankers   story tellers