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The first Sailing of Snit’s Amsterdam TugVideo

Thanks Snit for a excellent build and Pred for another great video.


Hi Snit “PROPER JOB” “PROPER JOB” Well done Snit Just one comment viewing the video from over here in the UK ,Might just be my tired oll salt crusted eyes ,BUT, on the water she looks a little down by the head and light in the stern ,Tugs usually the other way round as need that big prop deep as possible for max thrust , Good build well done.


Hey CP
Thank you mate.
Yes you are correct.
At the time that was filmed we where still playing around with the ballasting, and there was also some water in her. fire pump leak.
That is the only time she has been in the water.
Over the next couple of months I will be fine tuning those details and finally call it done.

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