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      Posted by Snit 2016 on ShipShapeRC & RCToys

      Time for a good cradle to get the tug off the built stand :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
      Whipped this up this arvo and thought I would post a couple of pics :woohoo:
      Every thing is just about finish enough for a big reveal soon :whistle: :whistle:
      Just a bit of clear over the stand and finish of the life boats and a few ropes for decoration that’s about it :woohoo:

      more to come soon ;)

      If the boat’s as good (or better) than the cradle it’s a winner! :lol:

      Nice clear photos, as usual. :)

      thanks Nemo
      Its been a long slow process that’s for sure. Pics are just from my 6 or 7 year old iPhone so they only just pass.
      For the reveal I will use one of my daughters flash cameras or may even ask pred if he would mind doing a photo shoot sometime.
      The boat has come up fairly well I think as always there are things I would change but at 1:50 scale things are so small its hard to get the detail I really wanted unless you were a expert model maker :unsure:
      It will definitely be hard to see it go in the water for the first time :lol:
      I haven’t even sat her in the bath yet :lol: :lol:

      2 coats of clear :)

      cradle is done enough I think :side:

      Well its been a loooooong build but for now I think I’m calling it done :woohoo: :woohoo:
      I took this teaser pic on the phone just to start things off.

      Hoping to get the kids to give me a hand to get some good pics with there flash cameras this week :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

      Well we took a few quick shots :S They are ok but just as I decided to take some shots the sun went into hiding and down came the rain so they were taken inside so its not the best lighting.
      The girls need some practice on the focus so I will just put up some of the better pics for now :P .

      A list of the features controlled from the remote :)

      anchor up/down
      fire nozzles move and pump water
      sound unit for the horn
      life rafts up/down
      nav lights on/off
      spot lights on/off
      2 on board fpv cameras plus option for gopro also (3 channel switcher) (5.8 transmitter)
      bow thruster
      2X x8r receivers (16 channels in total) (15 used)

      An epic amount of work has gone into this build, as always there are a few things I would change and a lot I would do differently but the end product is near enough for now ;)
      Its time for other projects like the 1:1 enterprise class dingy that’s 2/3 restored that needs finishing plus lots of others.

      any way some pics :woohoo:

      cont…Excellent model Snit, you should be very proud of the job you have done. Incredible detail, look forward to seeing it on the water.

      This topic will be an excellent resource for me and others who are still to build this tug.

      I have seen a few at local boat shows but none go close to yours.


      Wow thank you Tug for those words.

      I wish you could see it in person
      The photos probably talk it up a bit, there are a few imperfections but where do you stop :silly: :S :whistle:
      still some more ropes and a tow rope to go on yet.

      I will get some better shots on a better day and have a bit more of a look at there camera
      Maybe even ask pred to do a few :whistle: :whistle: As for going in the water well………………mmmmmmmm, haven’t even put her in the bath yet. :lol:


      Well, as you said, it took a long time but the end result is something you can be very proud of.

      Having seen it in person I think you are being a bit hard on yourself re imperfections. The photos really don’t do it justice.

      Like Tug, I’m looking forward to seeing her in the water.


      A Job You Can be Proud of Snit… Excellent…

      And, Prefect Timing For Christmas…

      Fair Winds,

      Jimboiling … ~ _/) ~ …


      Thank you for the kind words fellas.
      One of the next few Saturdays coming up it will get a maiden run.


      Nice work Snit, that is a really classy unit, there are some scale modellers up my way that would really appreciate I reckon.

      As well as being a good looking build, I would think it is one of the most complex boats (electronically) that Tasmania has seen. It must be a mass of cables below deck!

      Looking forward to the launch.


      Thank you very much Mr P
      I couldn’t really find any thing like it on the net as I was building it.
      I typed out this big lot of words but decided pics just say it all I will grab a couple and post up.


      most bits are hidden in the layers of the wheel house
      once things prove them self’s it will get a bit more of a tidy up
      some of the voltage regs can go once I fully swap over to resisters for the lighting
      once I get some time and the camera sorted I will get some better pics :whistle: :whistle:

      rear hatch has magnets under it to get it out

      lower deck hatch

      under the wheel house

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      The first Sailing of Snit’s Amsterdam TugVideo

      Thanks Snit for a excellent build and Pred for another great video.


      Hi Snit “PROPER JOB” “PROPER JOB” Well done Snit Just one comment viewing the video from over here in the UK ,Might just be my tired oll salt crusted eyes ,BUT, on the water she looks a little down by the head and light in the stern ,Tugs usually the other way round as need that big prop deep as possible for max thrust , Good build well done.


      Hey CP
      Thank you mate.
      Yes you are correct.
      At the time that was filmed we where still playing around with the ballasting, and there was also some water in her. fire pump leak.
      That is the only time she has been in the water.
      Over the next couple of months I will be fine tuning those details and finally call it done.

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      Posted by snit on July 7, 2015

      Amsterdam Tug Boat winch test

      A few bugs to tweak out but it works ok

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