RC BOATING YACHTING Builds Predators Vintage 10Rater rebuild. Reply To: Predators Vintage 10Rater rebuild.


Got the painting all finished on Friday then left if all day Saturday to harden.

Today it was time to cut & polish the new paint job and then start the reassembly.

As the sail-winch is now mounted inside the hull rather than through the deck it needed a new mounting support.  The winch support was made from aluminium angle and the mounting block was 3D printed complete with provision for captive nylock nuts to make later winch removal nice & easy.

The block was then epoxied into the hull.

While waiting for the epoxy to cure I started on the vinyl printing. Got it all printed (except for the Axes – different colour) and at least some of it installed



For the BattleAxe name I opted for the Raunch LET font that had previously been used on Obsession.  At the time my commercial printing man (Ken Stone – Vinyl Solutions) said it was the worst font he had ever tried to vinyl cut, so I just had to put it to the test on the Brother DC200. Must say that it cut it perfectly but it is a tad fiddly to separate the waste from the print.  Just took it slow & steady and I reckon it came out just fine.  Over time (without clearcoat to protect it) a bit of the very fine detail gets knocked off but it still looks good on the N12.

Now just need to finish stringing the winch, screw & seal the forward hatch into the deck and print a hatch & fixing mech for the rudder & servo access.