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This was posted by Kermit (I just relocated it for him)

This is addressed to Longtall and Predator  but others will be interested I’m sure.   DOODS  in reference to Longtall’s  proposed sail configurations for the 95 and 65  for all our boat sailing on the pond to be in uniform except for sail material  there isn’t a lot out there about the set up for the  sails for A+ I  believe if  the  SESSION WAS FILMED  by the one and only Predator    showing the set up for both boats  that would be the bees knees.  Some of us old farts forget so a reference to come back to is the logical way to go. There is a another plus in this and that is both Longtall and Pred are film video experts  who know how to to do it  so gentleman what’s your thoughts who wants to be the next Whineberger …..  opps .. not him    Clint Eastwood