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      To keep our group growing and being more fun, a new initiative has been put forward for the benefit of our members to enjoy.

      A natural goal of a regular RC yacht racer is to improve their fleet positions and have better results in a more consistent way.

      To this end it has been proposed that clinics or training workshops be held to give skippers access to information and best practice when setting up and sailing their yacht.

      The first two have been planned and organised for the next two Tuesdays so that we can cover the setups and adjustments which lead to faster sailing for both of the classes we race.

      Next Tuesday, the 15th of January is the first one to be conducted for DF95’s and held pondside at Puddleduck commencing at 8.30am. Topics include understanding the importance of good sail shape, best shapes for a given wind/wave conditions and how to achieve them.

      Following this we will setup all boats to the same measurements and then launch them together.

      Testing settings this way is the most effective method to determine where any difference lies.

      Further discussion and tweaking can then be done prior to the start of normal racing for that day.

      Please let me know if you are interested and/or have some ideas of the things you would like to learn about by replying to this post.

      Many thanks.





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      Great idea Col. I will be there with the white flyer. Maybe with some tweaks I will be able to keep the red hulls in sight!!

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        This was posted by Kermit (I just relocated it for him)

        This is addressed to Longtall and Predator  but others will be interested I’m sure.   DOODS  in reference to Longtall’s  proposed sail configurations for the 95 and 65  for all our boat sailing on the pond to be in uniform except for sail material  there isn’t a lot out there about the set up for the  sails for A+ I  believe if  the  SESSION WAS FILMED  by the one and only Predator    showing the set up for both boats  that would be the bees knees.  Some of us old farts forget so a reference to come back to is the logical way to go. There is a another plus in this and that is both Longtall and Pred are film video experts  who know how to to do it  so gentleman what’s your thoughts who wants to be the next Whineberger …..  opps .. not him    Clint Eastwood

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          Actually Kermit, that is a very good idea. (I was thinking along the same lines this morning – check under Calendar event)

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      The early BOM forecast suggests that Tuesday will be a hot one so the early start will be appreciated.

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      longtall    What happens if  sailors are not there on Tuesday  for what ever reason…..  how will they be accommodated ?

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        Walking the plank could be an option!!

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      The session on Tuesday will be conducted with the DF95 as the focus. It’s true there is a lot of bits of info out there already for this boat, but not a lot on why these measurements are effective, or even a good systematic method of achieving them every time.

      The following week (22nd Jan), barring work scheduling arrangements Kyle will conduct a session on the DF65. He has a lot of experience and recently won the Northern Round of the Summer Series at Winspears with his DF.

      As far as I know these two early sessions are “one off” and won’t be repeated. There is a possibility some of it might be filmed and in the case of this first one, there will be handouts at the conclusion that you can use as reference if you wish.

      If these first two are well attended and achieve their intended outcomes, a further two workshops on other aspects of RC racing are likely. More of that later.

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      The photo is of John Tushingham (I think) at his recent Nationals.

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        Only if it gets to 38deg again !!

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      CAPT PETE   That’s a great shot……  the jib angle is not where I thought it would be  ……looks alone would make it a winner

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