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OHHH BUGGAR    IM FIRST IN  so be it…. good rules there  let me include one more for discussion          hitting a buoy  or in this stupid generation …girl   I would like to see no penalty  like ya gotta do a 360  for touching it  in my opinion  that’s dumb if a  fella or chickie babe hits a buoy / girl   so be it .  if their in with a chance to win or get a good place  there should be no penalty for it  : example

I was second to the finish behind a rather shabby slack dopey  black thing …..that was soooo lucky to get in front of me   when at the finish line he done a 360 for some infringement buoy/ girl bashing way back I presume   that sucked  he won fair an square I  got no pleasure from the first place  after all the hard work keeping me off his back only to forfeit his wining place at the line  if in the real world that’s the way it is  then I  say…….. not for us    now someone might say that’s the rules … no not if we don’t want it  long tall has put it out there for discussion this is our club our rules  lets make em for us…..  is there more rules we have you don’t like post it for debate  or accept  it ……   Second Rule     green boats start first no exceptions  (i like that one )