Those of us with no sailing experience other than RC  sailing  would be wetting there nickers  with that last lot of gobbley gloob   it might make sense to real sailors  that compete in big races and those that want rules in RC  yachting to run their life.because they need it . but for those of us non big boat sailors  oh my god what is this    real big boat sailors need to remember    we the RC  players don’t want to sail like that   we want to play with the widdle ones and have fun and that does not include ridiculous   leeward behind your transom at right angles  and trying to remember why were on the water …. most of us  with dwindling eye sight memory loss  wobbly legs  sore hips lung problems and still married  have enough problems getting to the pond  my advice     keep it simple…  keep it very simple     those that are so keen to enter the word of rules might like to join other clubs that cater for them  but for me  narh…… lets have fun…..  these are my thoughts only…others can say what they wish  an please do so   so in conclusion     green beats pink