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This is what we do on Sunday’s at the canal.

·         Starboard boat has the right of way.

·         Running boats give way to boats going into the wind. (Saves a lot of confusion)

·         Windward boat keeps clear.

·         Overtaking boat keep clear.

·         Give room to the inside boat going around marks.

·         Give other boats plenty of “shore-room” or “weed-room”, don’t wait until they call.

·         Miss a buoy, then go around it again.

·         Hit a buoy, it’s up to the skipper to do a 360.

·         No protests.


We don’t have much trouble with boats hitting the buoys, as there is a good chance that your keel will get caught on the buoys anchor line, and as there is no rescue boat, you have to wait for a favourable back wind or go for a swim. So normally everyone give them a wide berth.


The results of the races are not recorded, if you win, you will get a handicap for the next race.


We have had a few members from “that” other club that sail IOM’s lately come and have a sail with us, and all have commented on how much more enjoyable it is sailing this way.


Uncle G