UNCLE Gs      List of rules are the bees knees in my option  not many and  well explained…. an a dummy like me can get it  With the exception of hitting a buoy as said before  (distance  eye sight etc ) if that one is out replace it with “for gods sake avoid a collision at all costs”   The one about barging is an interesting one  think of this     mass of boats tracking for the first buoy  all with good wind  arriving at the mark near or at the same time  one boat is Slow to turn he takes out x amount of boats the others still bunched strive for the next buoy still bunched  there is always going to be barging as much as you don’t want it to be so  I think barging in this instance is unavoidable  even if a separation on that run is there….. at the buoy  every one is going to try to go close to the mark to turn because that’s were you want to be   this usually occurs at the first and second marker   so the answer lies there ….. my thought for this…. move these turn buoys further out     or only one  turn buoy  allowing the fleet to spread out        thoughts any one    One last one when its decided …….our membership card is big enough for the rules to be printed on so “why not “