DICKY cobber, your right of couse  Risdon brook dam and others sail by the rule book to the letter  and my friend that is not what we want at the pond non  competitive sailors at the pond like most of us o’l farts do not go to Risdon  or the other places because of that reason  because were happy at the pond once a week doing our thing with a set of rules that that are sensible and easy to understand  that’s why right now were getting it down …we just do not want to compete with others that live an need rules to run their life /fun    think of it as a stranger comes to a our pond  to play finds how we sail he can stay or go his choice   members of our little group I believe have been looking for Shangra-La as another venue for the 65 and 95  to race against ourselves and other like  minded o’l farts  we have found it at the pond  lets not turn it into Risdon brook or other rule in-festered die hard places …  we have a few members that do sail at those other places  they know the rules an they still sail there when ever  but you know what cobber  when they come back we hear of the back biting the nastiness of some of the members   the cheating    is that fun sailing  might be to them win… at any cost  .our philosophy  have fun ..once a week  now you might be thinking well what about the competition coming at the pond  I guess those of us that are going to compete will in fact try to grasp the complexities of the rules  and will compete under them  but those die hard rules will be deleted from our memories after the meet   I assure you