hallo again dickie  cobber       well my friend  if chaos is boats crashing and mates going crook at each other       then  for the past year or so  we have had a dream time  with common sense rules  …. chaos ..      we do have rules..  ones that we decided upon….  ones we wish to govern us…  an the reason we have opened this rule issue up is to perfect the existing ones  not to add complicated wish wash    our members are ….bless em… are fun sailors some of em or most don’t even bother to read the site info just the next day out info from it    that’s great  that’s their thing     no worries     we sail at the pond  with the intent of beating the best we have on the day   that’s our fun…..  are we slack…. sure are…     are we non functional      no way      do we enjoy our one day in the week     you bet your sweet bibbie we do    and without complicated rules ..  chaos …. as we have proved with  ever expanding new members coming in  we are definitely not in a chaos state   ay   join us or leave us  no worries   I think i’ve run my bit   cant be bothered to write any more on the subject  but that’s just me  ……  kermit la frog