David, I do not have any problem with you participating in Puddleduck sailing (or anywhere else for that matter). I, and no doubt others have indeed benefitted from your knowledge and assistance.

As I see it the issue is that we are primarily interested in only social sailing/racing and for a great many of our skippers that does not go hand in hand with complying with all ( or for some – any of) the rules of sailing.

I know it is difficult for skippers from Risdon Brook and any of the more established “racing” clubs to understand but the friendly “relaxed rules” sailing attitude is what keeps our members turning up each week, there is no pressure to remember & comply with all the rules and even less pressure to win, just be there with mates & have a bit of fun for a couple of hours.

Puddleduck sailing for DF65’s was never intended to be a challenger for or an extension of the RBRYC (of which many of us are members), just somewhere else to go and have a bit of fun.

If you took a quiet minute to see what is actually happening during a race at Puddleduck you would quickly find there are no raised voices or challenges being called for various points of sailing law, just a bunch of guys (and sometimes gals) having a bit of fun and occasionally saying sorry if you stuff someone else up badly enough.

If you are happy to fit into that scenario then you, like anyone else are more than welcome to participate.