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      TODAYS Topic is Rules     Today we had an incident with rules …. 2 people had a  disagreement over  a rule that we didn’t have when we started sailing at the pond .. we agreed to have a set of basic common-sense rules…..  No hitting on the water and off….  Give way to the right … Give space to others…   an a few more that I’ve forgotten   today’s altercation involved none of those but a super dooper rule  that has arrived by stealth  two people were upset over a stupid rule ……. gentlemen of the pond and pinkie  we don’t need anyone to be upset we don’t want or need  rules to interfere with pleasure  so why did this nonsense happen  how far will we go before Risdon brook looks similar or a twin.   I think a step back  is what is needed

      What’s your say

      kermit la frog

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      Oh yeah, couldn’t agree more. We pond folk value fun first, rules a far distant runner up.

      I love what we do and don’t want anything to change in that regard. We have a great bunch of people, fantastic support from a wonderful place to sail and the right approach to having fun with RC yachts.

      So, let’s get on with what we love to do and put today’s trouble behind us.




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      jammy cobber  I personally am not interested in hard and fast rules  that’s me  talking other sailors would have there own thoughts on this subject  please don’t  stop coming to the pond to sail because of my thoughts on the rules  you are one of the best sailors I have seen and would be saddened to see you leave our pond  I appreciated your help on setting my boat up for the days sailing  and in the future Im sure as all hell Im gunna need good advice again this forum is for all of us to express ourselves so others  in there own way can  digest dissect and respond …. you have done that..  so it works jammy i meant no disrespect  as you have implied …. for that I  apologise  unreservedly             kermit la frog

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      In reference to your email and that, in response, of Col’s, it is blindingly
      apparent that you are referring to me.  It is also apparent that your club
      does not want to abide by the most basic of sailing Rules.  I have enjoyed
      assisting several of your members re setting up their boats, which I believe
      also helps the standard of any club.  I am surprised and disappointed at the
      tone of both emails.  It is very apparent that you do not want me to
      participate, equally I find it very difficult to sail  when a basic Rule of
      sailing is not applied.  I am saddened that it has come to this. I did enjoy
      the company of the group.

      Jammy Jones

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      David, I do not have any problem with you participating in Puddleduck sailing (or anywhere else for that matter). I, and no doubt others have indeed benefitted from your knowledge and assistance.

      As I see it the issue is that we are primarily interested in only social sailing/racing and for a great many of our skippers that does not go hand in hand with complying with all ( or for some – any of) the rules of sailing.

      I know it is difficult for skippers from Risdon Brook and any of the more established “racing” clubs to understand but the friendly “relaxed rules” sailing attitude is what keeps our members turning up each week, there is no pressure to remember & comply with all the rules and even less pressure to win, just be there with mates & have a bit of fun for a couple of hours.

      Puddleduck sailing for DF65’s was never intended to be a challenger for or an extension of the RBRYC (of which many of us are members), just somewhere else to go and have a bit of fun.

      If you took a quiet minute to see what is actually happening during a race at Puddleduck you would quickly find there are no raised voices or challenges being called for various points of sailing law, just a bunch of guys (and sometimes gals) having a bit of fun and occasionally saying sorry if you stuff someone else up badly enough.

      If you are happy to fit into that scenario then you, like anyone else are more than welcome to participate.



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