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UNCLE G     Dear boy let me add some of my wisdom to this post   as an experienced ace, flying various aircraft from rag an wire to the smart foam tundra  I offer my  expert advice I recommend the tundra wheels  why ? for one ….they are round  two …they do not allow moo poo to stick to your wings  three…. they go over stationary aircraft with out damage to your aircraft  four…. they are so big and fat and  they take soooo long to leave the ground  thus giving you time to figure out  what the hell ya gunna do next   great reasons to buy em  Now as a newbe   you might like some advice so I will impart some of it to you now   Crashes …   if for what ever reason you are faced with a forced landing      try not to fly the thing to far into the crash if possible ……AIR…   I have found  if you try to stay in the middle of the air   you will be fine  but dear boy do not go near the edges   …..the edges of the air can be recognised by the appearance of the ground . buildings , sea, trees  and interstellar space….  so its much more difficult to fly there    I hope these words of wisdom hasn’t put you off flying …..  we all ……before flight have a moment ……….well …..do you feel lucky today flyboy