RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ The Farm Flying @ the Farm 2019 Flying @ The Farm 2nd April 2019

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      Today was another great Fly-in at the Farm. Balmy 20 degrees and light to very light winds made for a most enjoyable day.

      We had a good turn up of planes & quads with Ross – Bush Mule & Phantom 3 quad, Kermit – Tundra & Phantom 3 quad, Ian – Bixler 3 & Phantom 4 quad, Mike – Bixler 2 Predator Sport & Mavic Pro Platinum, John – Bixler 3, Gerald – Mavic Pro.

      Kermit was maidening his Tundra (my old Bush Pig) and after a bit of coaching on how his new radio worked he had 3 or 4 successful flights. Also indulged in some sky diving with Kermit & Miss Piggie jumping from his Phantom quad.

      Bro has several successful flights with his Bixler 3 as did Ian. Ian also indulged in a bit of quadding as he usually does.

      Uncle G had the Mavic Pro airborne keeping an eye (and a camera) on the proceedings below. He also had a successful flight with my Bix in anticipation of shortly buying one of his own.

      Poor old Bad Angel must have broken a mirror or trod on a black cat this morning as nothing went right for him today.

      First his new digital camcorder packed it in, then he broke a prop on his very first takeoff with his Bush Mule (and of course had left the spares at home). In frustration he decided to do some filming with the Phantom Quad only to find that the video feed would not bind to his tablet.  Oh well there is always next week eh.

      At least the lunch time BBQ went off without a hitch and then it was back to more flying.

      Packed it in around 3:00pm after a mostly successful day.


      Second Video


      Gerald (Uncle G) trying his hand @ Fixed Wing RC flying, just a bit different to Quads eh Gerald.

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      A new Bixler 3 is in the post!

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        That didn’t take long. Don’t forget to get some bigger wheels (like Ian has) if you want to take off & land successfully on the stubble @ The Farm.

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      My Mavic footage.

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        Another quality production there Gerald. No doubt we will see plenty more when your new Bix 3 gets airborne.


        Now if we could just get Ross to load his footage here it would all be in one place!!.

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      That was quick!

      Would you have a link to those bigger wheels, or are they the Tundra ones?

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        You may be able to use Tundra wheels but they are quite a bit bigger than Ian’s and his seem to work fine. You would need to check with him or John for the actual size they used. Ross also has replaced his wheels bit I think he used smaller than Ian.

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      Just a thought but I reckon the Bush Mule wheels may be the right size.

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      Thanks, Out of stock.


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        Always the way, I know Nicks Hobby Shop have several sizes but they are a bit pricey.

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      UNCLE G     Dear boy let me add some of my wisdom to this post   as an experienced ace, flying various aircraft from rag an wire to the smart foam tundra  I offer my  expert advice I recommend the tundra wheels  why ? for one ….they are round  two …they do not allow moo poo to stick to your wings  three…. they go over stationary aircraft with out damage to your aircraft  four…. they are so big and fat and  they take soooo long to leave the ground  thus giving you time to figure out  what the hell ya gunna do next   great reasons to buy em  Now as a newbe   you might like some advice so I will impart some of it to you now   Crashes …   if for what ever reason you are faced with a forced landing      try not to fly the thing to far into the crash if possible ……AIR…   I have found  if you try to stay in the middle of the air   you will be fine  but dear boy do not go near the edges   …..the edges of the air can be recognised by the appearance of the ground . buildings , sea, trees  and interstellar space….  so its much more difficult to fly there    I hope these words of wisdom hasn’t put you off flying …..  we all ……before flight have a moment ……….well …..do you feel lucky today flyboy


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      Thanks for you advice, After seeing you fly this week I believe you might be the right man to train me!


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      WELL THANK YOU UNCLE G… for that vote of confidence …. well placed if I may say so     yes dear boy  I will have you hitting the deck before you know you did it  as for trees I have one in  mind   with your name on it as the other trees have  other flyers name’s attached to them …..you cant use them    Have you thought about water landings we may practice that  on the first lesson    why ?   because its there   be the first to show how to do it   with my new found knowledge  we will have you climbing trees  going for swims   walking …..lots of .. and joining in the new game were’ ve started called  “find the plane  ” great for all ages    I take great pleasure in being your new  CFI  and look forward to many robust flights    CFI   KERMIT LA FROG

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