RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ The Farm Flying @ the Farm 2019 Flying @ The Farm 16th April 2019 Reply To: Flying @ The Farm 16th April 2019


WELL DONE TO YOU BOTH  top day ……fantastic the way you both kept the chickie babes out of the frames  Sooooo great to see bad angels video….. (for the family approach )  on RC toys         veryyyyyy nice landings from the  G MAN …. to bad    bad angel couldn’t get the video of predator landing on top of  his aircraft  as CFI  I did send off a report to CFI headquarters in Bra zerville Iceland  for this very poor airman ship from a junior CFI  I will need to watch his skill level before I think of reducing his ranking  (not that Im after his job ) first rule of aviation   do not land on another aircraft  GOOD RULE   we did miss out entrainment officer today dear Ian  and ofcourse the up and coming John  brother of what’s his name  Some might say …a better pilot than his brother  but I cant say because Im a true friend of both      sailors say…. tight sails ..pilots say   chocks away ?