RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ The Farm Flying @ the Farm 2019 Flying @ The Farm 16th April 2019

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      Another fine day of flying @ the Farm was had by the four attendees, Ross, Linal, Gerald & Mike. Due to the short notice (caused by ever changing weather) we were minus a few of our regular players today as they were otherwise committed.

      The morning started off quite windy but that did not keep Predator’s Bix 2 or Kermit’s Phantom Quad grounded. Uncle G had a couple of Buddy Box flights (including landing) with my Bix 2 in readiness for the launch of his brand new Bix 3, possibly as early as next week. G also carried out a bit more testing with his Paraglider.

      Kermit was up to his usual tricks dropping his menagerie via parachute from the Phantom while he waited patiently for the wind to settle enough for him to fly the Tundra “Grass hopper”.

      Around midday we decided to break for lunch and see if the wind would settle as predicted early afternoon.

      The temperature rose & the wind dropped as the day went on & Bad Angel managed several flights with his Bix 3 but only LOS, no FPV today. I got the recently rebuild SkyClimber “The Phoenix” airborne, once again LOS only, although BA was directing the camera shots as he viewed my video feed through his Quanum Diversity Goggles.

      The Phoenix is not flying quite as smooth as it did before the Big Prang back in Feb 2018 but at least it is flying again and everything is working, just need to adjust the COG and trim a bit methinks.

      Kermit got his Tundra up for a nice long flight and then finally nailed the perfect landing on his return.

      No doubt BA will have an all inclusive video of the day up shortly on his Youtube channel but in the meantime here is the onboard video from the Phoenix & the Bix 2 Predator Sport.

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      WELL DONE TO YOU BOTH  top day ……fantastic the way you both kept the chickie babes out of the frames  Sooooo great to see bad angels video….. (for the family approach )  on RC toys         veryyyyyy nice landings from the  G MAN …. to bad    bad angel couldn’t get the video of predator landing on top of  his aircraft  as CFI  I did send off a report to CFI headquarters in Bra zerville Iceland  for this very poor airman ship from a junior CFI  I will need to watch his skill level before I think of reducing his ranking  (not that Im after his job ) first rule of aviation   do not land on another aircraft  GOOD RULE   we did miss out entrainment officer today dear Ian  and ofcourse the up and coming John  brother of what’s his name  Some might say …a better pilot than his brother  but I cant say because Im a true friend of both      sailors say…. tight sails ..pilots say   chocks away ?

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        Yet another great flying day you organised there BA and another quality video production.

        I guess Uncle G will be maidening his Bix 3 and perhaps his paraglider as well on our next outing.

        No wind at all today but I guess them’s the breaks eh.

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      People ask why the spelling on Kermit’s Tundra is Grass hopper rather than the traditional Grasshopper, his new wing art is self explanatory methinks!!


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