AS LONG TALL STATED SO ELOQUENTLY it was (  for some) a great day for sailing  with many many fine bumps…..line entanglements …. boats on the hard …and gear failure   but the real racing was done from the rear  where true sailing is performed   Any silly buggar can go across the line first or second  but who remembers the tussle at  the rear echelon  where the true real sea dogs are  fighting the elements  the weed the waves the wind trying to rip the sails from the mast thingi   who sees this  …only the brave at the other end  that’s who  and when they finally decide to cross the line  …no ones there  to see the triumphant crossing  of the few ……   so sad but as true sailors  they don’t care about the glory  the pat on the back  the glory is being second from last  this does not relate to duck hunter or RON B  its just a story of   sailing ……. and as for Geoff  and the duck hunter  in a dash for the line   duck hunter sensing a easy victory over a true gentlemen decided in a flash  to  give his obvious win  to a fellow sailor who was down on his luck on the day    that fellow  yacht’es  is what  we do    sailing at the pond