RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 30.4.19

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      In near perfect conditions nine DF65 skippers fronted the start line at Puddleduck today and with perfect weather on the offing, racing got underway on time. Col’s long time friend visiting from Queensland, Dave Meikle promptly drafted as PRO did a great job of keeping the Merry Men in line and scoring without favour, (unfortunately 😉).

      Great to see Ron #71 back sailing on the pond again. He even did a spot of mud wrangling just for old time sake.

      Kermit #82, back from his flying adventures and full of enthusiasm was another welcome addition as once more Puddleduck reverberated with his war cries and victory dances for the Duck Hunter.

      Our Geoff #80 was unfortunately having a bit of a spotty day on the water. His good results in races one, five and six trashed by disasters, including a few interesting entanglements and jousting matches that considerably helped that along.

      There was no smashing bottles of champagne over Graham’s new green RG but it was launched and had its maiden sail today at the pond. At times the new craft showed good speed and I’m sure it will prove a weapon once Graham dials it in.


      Mike brought out his Mount Gay 30 today and used it successfully as an onboard video dolly at the same time looking very stately and stylish in a pond full of greyhounds.

      Next race he brought out his ‘65, later showing great form by winning race five in style.

      Pete #78 aka Pinky, Darcy in his new red hulled flyer and Col #23 with his Black Heart diced back and forth all day with barely daylight between them. It was no surprise then to discover on tallying up the scores that all three skippers had arrived on identical points for the day. On countback, Pete (second) had more firsts than Darcy (third) and Col (fourth).

      Despite the friendly rivalry, leg pulling and close racing the day truly belonged to Gerald #02 who put on a sailing masterclass. His three first and otherwise consistent results rightfully earns him winner of the day.

      After eight races with one drop the final results were:

      Ron on 57 points, Kermit on 46, Geoff on 34, Graham on 32, Mike on 29, Col on 24, Darcy on 24, Pete on 24 and our winner today Gerald on just 20 points.

      Congratulations everyone on some great racing and thank you for another great day out @ the Duck.

      Photos by Dave M, Video by Predator Racing Tas.

      More photos from today here

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      Another fantastic day @ The Duck, enjoyed by all. Special thanks to Dave, not only for taking on the PRO duties today but the roll of official photographer as well. It was nice for me to have a day where the only thing to worry about was sailing.


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      AS LONG TALL STATED SO ELOQUENTLY it was (  for some) a great day for sailing  with many many fine bumps…..line entanglements …. boats on the hard …and gear failure   but the real racing was done from the rear  where true sailing is performed   Any silly buggar can go across the line first or second  but who remembers the tussle at  the rear echelon  where the true real sea dogs are  fighting the elements  the weed the waves the wind trying to rip the sails from the mast thingi   who sees this  …only the brave at the other end  that’s who  and when they finally decide to cross the line  …no ones there  to see the triumphant crossing  of the few ……   so sad but as true sailors  they don’t care about the glory  the pat on the back  the glory is being second from last  this does not relate to duck hunter or RON B  its just a story of   sailing ……. and as for Geoff  and the duck hunter  in a dash for the line   duck hunter sensing a easy victory over a true gentlemen decided in a flash  to  give his obvious win  to a fellow sailor who was down on his luck on the day    that fellow  yacht’es  is what  we do    sailing at the pond

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        Ah Kermit, a true gentleman to the last, or is that just the FROG talking through his @%se again !!

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      Nice vision Mike.

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      I agree once again with Mr long tall  a very nice video almost to the standard of the great producer  AHHHH what’s his name    narh just kiddin  I really cant think of his name  Now did anyone notice how selective predator was of his editing  real nice shots of every one else  but the duck hunter was crucified as a bumping ramming out of control   vessel   when fact ……oh….. narh we wont go there  after all   Every one knows the duck hunter only goes after ducks  rival boats are never in her sights             except for pinky  an the black boat an the yellow  an white  perhaps the red one

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      It was a ripper day of sailing at the ‘Duck. We had the closest racing, with many of the boats now up to speed thanks to the sharing of information from the experienced skippers.  At times I got too close to some of the other competitors and caused some problems – or havoc if you like.  I think I was just enjoying the close racing a bit too much.  I will try to keep out of trouble in the future. Aologies to those folk that were entangled with the pink one.

      I did notice that at our champs the good skippers didn’t get in strife with other competitors or the buoys – they left that up to me, and I didn’t let them down.

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      I think your being a wee bit hard on yourself there ol pinki mate if something is deliberate then you have right to complain but the sailing we do…. shytt happens at times……  it just does……   so a bump or a entanglement is just what it is   if you want to tangle me up feel free   but its not gunna happen  unless you start to spend some time with Ron an me at the non pointy end   not much happens down there  we call it     ” happy time ” if your stressed come join us

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