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After a lot of head scratching & a couple of false starts I finally came up with a simple way to waterproof the open hatchway of the Mt Gay 30.

I decided something was needed after getting water inside the hull on her first Puddleduck sailing & after reviewing the onboard video footage it was fairly obvious where it got in.

As can be seen in the previous post the hatch cover was simply a piece of Perspex sitting on a timber lip.

I have now 3D printed a solid surround that has been silicone sealed into the deck


This has a raised internal lip (similar to a “Tupperware” seal) to which is fitted a 3D printed cover seal.


The frame is printed in PLA+ and the lid in PLA Flex to allow it to stretch & seal.


The new frame & cover do not interfere with fitting of the cabin top


Next job will be tidying up the paintwork on the cabin top and hand rails etc then onto the sails & rigging.