YEP  TWAS  a very exciting day   not every one saw the incident on the fountain  where predator rammed his vessel onto the tentacles of the fountain  this is the truth of the incident…… now known as abagails    testicles tentacles         One of the sailing elite members attempted another lesser known sailor (predator ) into a dastardly act of violence against a  little insignificant green boat   who likes to remain leading from the rear   so how and why did this happen here is the true story of this incident    Pinkie who had asked me  to be a proxie for him (while he was crook)  with certain little manoeuvres to be performed on god ( I didn’t think that was right ) but I did as requested  but failed to be in the winning block as he has become accustomed and I beleave asking predator to stomp on the frog was his  vengeance for failure (and for it to be filmed ) on my part   that’s the gist of it …….so here is what happened to the vicious attempted attack   after several races it was obvious that no good was going to happen to the green machine  if I  don’t force the issue…………  from being the gentle safe careful skipper that every one knows   I pursued miss Abigail hard and fast around the course until we approached the fountain at full speed with me right up her clackar  he  looked over his shoulder an it was over  good night miss abigail she hit that fountain so fast it moved the sprinkler 2 feet   so ends any one who wishes to stomp on the frog  that dear friends is why abigail is high an dry on the fountain    …….sad but true      the end