RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 4th June 2019 (DF95)

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      After several days of cold, wet and unpleasant weather we were treated this morning to clear skies and a good forecast.

      Despite the coolish temperatures and the absence of some Merry Men, (of Puddleduck Pond), we had nine starters in light winds to get the day underway.

      Great to see Justin and Paul again this week, despite not having finished rigging his second 65’ until late last night, Justin was out there sailing with great enthusiasm. Brother Paul had the more seasoned boat and was giving him a run for his money.

      Ron #63 turned up late and quickly assumed his regular far bank position. Ron has perfected this manoeuvre so well there has been a suggestion of naming this bank Ron’s Reef II. Ron as normal was completely unfazed.

      Mike #96 sailed well all morning despite juggling the tasks of skipper, start button pusher, fleet photographer and a turn as PRO.

      This didn’t stop him from joining the exclusive fountain club though as Abigail was driven at full speed into its unforgiving metal tentacles.

      Rather than being ‘on the weed’, it was Col #72 turn this week to find the weed was on him. With his best a second and three thirds it was just not his day to be near the pointy end.

      Kermit #82 found some real form this morning and with his whoops and hollers echoing around the valley, some passing Asian tourists were left to wonder WTF! Well done on your PB mate, we look forward to more of the same.

      Quick out of the blocks and always a threat Don #99 had a great day at the office. Over the last few weeks we have seen the unflappable one improve with every outing. Well done.

      Great to see our Stuart #58 back on the pond and in fine form once more. After months of hot denial, Stuart has finally confessed to wanting a DF65, (I have witnesses!). I am sure you will quickly learn to love the Pocket Rockets as we all do mate.

      Gerald #02 aka Gru (Despicable Me) put on a masterclass today with a combination of great sailing and the odd stroke of Duck Luck for good measure. With five firsts, one second and two PRO’s he was untouchable.

      Congratulations, as our winner for the day you were in a class of your own.

      After Eight races with one drop, the results were:

      Ron, Paul and Justin (insufficient races completed to score), Mike on 25 points, Col on 23, Kermit on 22, Don on 20, Stuart on 17 and our winner Gerald on just 11 points.

      Thanks to all our skippers for making it a great day @ The Duck.

      Next week we are back with the pocket rockets DF65’s. See you there.

      Many thanks also to Mike for capturing the action with his great photographs.

      A new RG65 joins the Puddleduck crew


      Kermit leads the pack home (finally)


      I guess that is classed as “High & Dry” (Fountain claims another victim)


      Just drifting about waiting for a puff

      More pics from today can be found here

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      YEP  TWAS  a very exciting day   not every one saw the incident on the fountain  where predator rammed his vessel onto the tentacles of the fountain  this is the truth of the incident…… now known as abagails    testicles tentacles         One of the sailing elite members attempted another lesser known sailor (predator ) into a dastardly act of violence against a  little insignificant green boat   who likes to remain leading from the rear   so how and why did this happen here is the true story of this incident    Pinkie who had asked me  to be a proxie for him (while he was crook)  with certain little manoeuvres to be performed on god ( I didn’t think that was right ) but I did as requested  but failed to be in the winning block as he has become accustomed and I beleave asking predator to stomp on the frog was his  vengeance for failure (and for it to be filmed ) on my part   that’s the gist of it …….so here is what happened to the vicious attempted attack   after several races it was obvious that no good was going to happen to the green machine  if I  don’t force the issue…………  from being the gentle safe careful skipper that every one knows   I pursued miss Abigail hard and fast around the course until we approached the fountain at full speed with me right up her clackar  he  looked over his shoulder an it was over  good night miss abigail she hit that fountain so fast it moved the sprinkler 2 feet   so ends any one who wishes to stomp on the frog  that dear friends is why abigail is high an dry on the fountain    …….sad but true      the end

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      IM IN A bit of a quandary  does any one read the story’ s about the events of the day   I ask because no one has come to the defence of  ol predator or the future god pinkie    a story not quite factual but with a little bit of truth in it   did pinki say stomp on the frog  was it justified  an then predator   I called him a lesser known sailor   no one corrected me  its no fun if  no one cares  to add their bit  or to have  shot at the writer  so come on you bunch of bilge  sailors  stir the pot  or do as your doing now being a girl

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      I just realised that I never posted last weeks DF95 video.

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