RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 11th June 2019 (DF65) Reply To: Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 11th June 2019 (DF65)


What a superb day  and today we were blessed from a God and his absolute gorgeous goddess daughter Sally….  Mikes wisdom on all things RC sailing was   without doubt a high light of today’s sailing  but sally    was  to much for most of us ol timers today  causing chaos  and confusion  with the merry men  including me ” example”  I was sailing along in a nice place when I sneaked a peek across to perve on .sally…..on seeing her my hands shook my fingers pushed levers  thumbs pressed buttons  then Im hitting other boats  in a blink of an eye this goddess reduced the fleet to scattered floundering  hulks  ( Is this how Mike wins his races ) certainly worked well for him today …..It wasn’t Ron’s  day today with more servo trouble and leaving the pond (he is our marker for the shallow water)  Our two newbies sailed well with some fine hits and bumps earning  them 6 out of ten points for the day fine effort boys  predator showed fantastic form with aggressive manoeuvres   and on this day he left the fountain alone and left it to another to play with it …..Uncle G was in excellent  form once again with a few wins an some other places  not worth mentioning really ……….long tall always a fighter had a few hits today but bounced back from the bank to get places in the final count….. cant remember what they were ……. again not important      did god win ?  if he did thanks team for letting the main lander have the glory of thinking He won   Now the question I know your all waiting for is how did the duck hunter fair       No bloody good it was sally’s fault  her beauty cast a glow across the pond and I was lost in its reflection  thus sailing out of any chances of a place in the silly races  AS  to the other place getters  long tall when he bothers to put a report in will let ya know how ya went ……      Thanks Mike for your help in setting up the boats  for today’s  bit of fun  hope the weather stays nice an unpredictable  couse that’s how we like it      kermit la frog