Variable wind day twas    but for a skilled  sailor there was no problem so I had a great sail but unfortunately Ragazza   refused to sail for the Mooose   “they say a boat and its skipper pick each other”   …….  so i guess the Regazza didn’t want Moooose to sail her  understandable really   who would want to be on the mud banks most of the day   So after studying my sailing technique the Mooooose paid the fee and was allowed to sail the Duck Hunter   an to be fair he was still rough but with help will improve  in a year or so  Then the big Bad Angel arrived ……his boat gave up the ghost after seeing the two green boats commanding the canal  an he also paid a modest fee  for the honour of sailing the Duck Hunter  ol Pinkie was in a world of his own today sailing near the top end of the canal after learning Mooose was going to be on the water so can’t talk about his day  the Reef Hunter  (Ron B  )was a bit of a disappointment he did not touch a sand bar nor did he do a Moooose an ram himself onto the sandbar (named after him )  I sure hope he improves soon…. lastly   a few weeks back I promised to be kind to the Predator  for he had a bad run at the pond no one likes to be criticised for their lack of sailing abilities but today he’s back Predator has his MOJO back with fine graceful manoeuvres he sailed his screwing gay 30  into the canals water and barely parted the water  safe to say he’s  back to normal    surprise visit was from Uncle G who came up to the pontoon to apologise to Predator for Ramming him not once but twice the screw’n gay 30  has at least a days work to repair her  it was fun to watch  but accidents do happen ay ………..twice       ps  I made $40 dollars for the day