RC BOATING YACHTING Builds Predators Mount Gay 30 rebuild Reply To: Predators Mount Gay 30 rebuild


Tugboat cobber to set you strait on the “shoot up” we had moved from our flying field to lauderdale canal for our usual BBQ now there is a pecking order in our group an its an age thing  predator being the eldest  ( 81 )starts the BBQ bad angel is second  (79) so on an so on ….any one under 75 is a newbee   (that’s me at 71  )  I’m the only one…….  any transgressions by a newbee is quickly stomped on by the elders  my fault was I used bad angels sauce on my hamburger with out asking………. as in the pecking order  you don’t just go and sit with them you wait until invited   so whilst waiting I wandered onto the grass  and as you saw the rest is history  and you asked why no one came to my assistance , a lot of cars going past slowed down but I think they were intimidated by the rough necks at the BBQ to stop…… unless predator raises his finger no one moves to render assistance (such is the power of our leader )  Im not one to tell ferfies  trust me this is the truth ……. getting back to you   TUGBOAT  this name conjures up a vision of a portly fella  true? just curious   Nick names reflect a person   like” bad angel”   predator ..me ..UNCLE G so tugboat  that can be a start to your first post……   look through our site and enjoy our fun   Regards…. kermit la frog