RC BOATING YACHTING Builds Predators Mount Gay 30 rebuild Reply To: Predators Mount Gay 30 rebuild


Continuing right along with the build,

Servo Box in the midst of printing

Note the two support bars for the stepped rudder servo section.

Servo box & mounts installed, just sorting out the timber to re-attach the deck

Once the deck is reinstalled the RC receiver will be relocated under the centre of the rear deck well out of the way of any water that may splash in.


Close up of Servo Box & Mounts.

The Servo Box mounts are 12mm x 6mm x 110mm 3Dprinted rails with 3mm Nyloc nuts moulded into the bottom. These are then epoxied into the hull.

The 12mm x 12mm x 110mm aluminium angle is epoxied & screwed to the Servo box & then screwed to the mounting rails with 4 only 3mm x 10mm Stainless Steel Cap Screws.

This makes for easy removal of the entire servo tray with everything intact by just removing the 4 mounting caps screws.

Need to make up a timber strip cutter in the morning to rip the deck mount strips down to the correct size then the deck refit can start.