GENERAL CHIT CHAT (inc Buy & Sell) Tugboat from WA Reply To: Tugboat from WA


OHHHHH   PRED  IF I HAD A CONSCIOUS I MIGHT  FEEL PUT OUT BY YOUR LAST STATEMENT  (GRAIN OF SALT ) CAPS AGAIN BUGGAR   but seeing i havn’t got one  were cool   tugboat dear boy perhaps I did slightly miss lead you with ages of the motly crew  well maybe quite a lot actually  there not old at all perhaps in there mid 30s  there abouts …… your nickname was a disappointment for my theory behind names  but still applicable to some ……like one of our mob is moooose  he’s built like a moose  big body skinny legs  an often roars  but if you pat him he calms down   predator don’t know how he got that one  totally not right should have been called pussy cat most of the time he’s just moochin aground help’n out the boy is quite a electronics whizzzz kid   so maybe he should be called “big bang ” then there’s UNCLE G  another big fella he had a camera surgically implanted into his forehead so he doesn’t miss a thing that’s why you see great video from him  heaps more names but I don’t wish to bore you  so  i’ll leave it there   YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY     regards kermit la frog    ps  kidding again about predators age its 97  I figured he cant read this far so he wont know I told you