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      Kermit thought I had better start a new topic so as not to distract from  Preds build.

      To answer your question.

      My grandkids refer to me as Old/Fat/Bald when they want to stir me up (of course not when they want something) but my doctor tells me I am well within spec for age/weight and height so that will do me. From the ages you have quoted for other members I am but a teenager although your insinuation that Pred is the oldest at 81 I would have to take with a grain of salt as I am sure he just retired a year or so ago. Hopefully he was not working up to he was 79.

      The name Tugboat comes from when I joined Shipshape RC I needed a name and sitting on the shelf above me was a kit build for the Amsterdam Tugboat so it was as easy as that. You would have seen a very well presented build of this boat by Snit. Mine is still sitting on the shelf.

      I got into RC sailing as consequence of buying a FE Apparition. Found the HK site 11 or so years ago and when I saw the Apparition (another still to get wet) it was love at first site. HK site is nearly as dangerous as eBay. Anyway could only afford two batteries and looking at the run times I was going to drive to the lake for 10mins run time and then what. So back to HK site and found the Monsoon, that should make the trip well worthwhile.

      So then found ShipShape RC and have been a contributer to that site over many years. Pred can testify that I do more typing and modifying than sailing (almost non existent). I get all tied up in modifying. My main interest is the cheaper brands ie Shunbo, Beile etc. Have a number of DF65’s from the very first sold here in AU to the latest V6. Cant seem to convince myself to spend $500 on a DF95 although I would gladly spend that on 4 cheaper boats. I realize that the 65/95 are value for money, well sailing boats but as I don’t sail competively I look more how a yacht looks on the water. If I ever join a group to sail with I would have to look at different criteria. The DF65/95 have killed conversation on line on RC yachts in my opinion, they are so good out of the box there is no need to post any questions. Just my thoughts.

      Hopefully I will get a few of my yachts wet this coming warm season. Just cant see the point of getting wet and cold to go sailing.

      The most sailing I have done is a few months ago when I actually got to go sailing for 5 days straight.

      A couple of videos from then.

      Well that’s a bit of back ground on me, any other questions I will try and answer.

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      Don’t tell the little green frog too much, you don’t want him knowing all your secrets, and yes you are safer taking everything the frog says with a grain of salt.

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      Thanks Pred, there was nothing there that was not on SS, I will take heed of your warning but he seems such a friendly fellow sailor!!!. Although the more I catch up on the forum the more I see his name crop up.

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      OHHHHH   PRED  IF I HAD A CONSCIOUS I MIGHT  FEEL PUT OUT BY YOUR LAST STATEMENT  (GRAIN OF SALT ) CAPS AGAIN BUGGAR   but seeing i havn’t got one  were cool   tugboat dear boy perhaps I did slightly miss lead you with ages of the motly crew  well maybe quite a lot actually  there not old at all perhaps in there mid 30s  there abouts …… your nickname was a disappointment for my theory behind names  but still applicable to some ……like one of our mob is moooose  he’s built like a moose  big body skinny legs  an often roars  but if you pat him he calms down   predator don’t know how he got that one  totally not right should have been called pussy cat most of the time he’s just moochin aground help’n out the boy is quite a electronics whizzzz kid   so maybe he should be called “big bang ” then there’s UNCLE G  another big fella he had a camera surgically implanted into his forehead so he doesn’t miss a thing that’s why you see great video from him  heaps more names but I don’t wish to bore you  so  i’ll leave it there   YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY     regards kermit la frog    ps  kidding again about predators age its 97  I figured he cant read this far so he wont know I told you

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      Pred 97, no wonder he is held in such high esteem. Worked 30+ years past normal retiring age just so could pay all the extra tax to help keep the country a float. He will be mentioned in government dispatches.

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      YES Tugboat  we all hold the dear ol buggar in high praise if we had a presidential type country he could win it  no problem   PRESIDENT  PREDATOR  Got a ring to it ay As an  X electrician  the money in his off shore accounts could easy pay for the rallies,  the party pies, shrimps on the BBQ  an your right about being mentioned in government dispatches WHY just last year if you follow the Tasmanian government reports on  tax evasion  his name did in fact come into the light of the higher ups  but was squashed by lack of evidence and the disappearance of two witnesses   But his personality is such that when your talking to him face to face  you know your with god   so I don’t beleave  the fake news   SO I HOPE THIS GIVES YOU AN INCITE INTO OUR TASMANIAN NATIONAL TREASURE  BUGGAR I KEPT THE CAPS ON  (he hates that ) might have to stay away from sailing for a while  just to be safe        Regards kermit la frog     PS If  i don’t answer email ‘s for a while  Im going on a holiday for a while

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      Kermit, I would have thought you would have holidayed up with your cousins in QLD in the warm. Could not comprehend you sailing in the ice, not for me, I will put my hand up as one who would be home on that day, well lets be honest if the sun is not radiating rays of warmth count me out.

      Circumstances have meant no modelling for a while.

      Before then I needed to build a hull clamp that would fit my work bench and was easily removable, adjustable and low cost. Just needed to keep the hull steady so I could work on it either by standing or sitting on a stool.

      This is what I came up with. Has 4 (2 of which are only required sometimes) adjustable arms, infinitly adjustable.

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        Nice boat clamp indeed Tug.

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      TUGBOAT DEAR BOY , good to hear from you  first of all  as an absolute honest fello  I did in fact tell a little white fib  on the sailing bit   …………the ice wasn’t that bad   You mentioned “circumstances ” your not loosing your hair/ wobblie on your feet like predator /loosing eye sight like predator / forgetfulness like moose / cant hold your water like moooose    are you   Tomorrow we will have a conference at the BBQ after sailing  to guess what  “circumstances  ” could be  that will sure beat listening to moooose yack on     I like the stand very much  what I use is two polystyrene squares cut to the hull shape that works fine for me but bare in mind I don’t have any  CIRCUMSTANCES  to contend with (god damn that was clever )  incidentally that’s  a good lookin sail boat you have there   you want to see predators mount a gay boat he’s putting a lot of work / time into it there’s no way hes getting behind me when were sailing  if he gets to close to my stern I will ver off  no way is mountagay getting near my stern  were been having some fun at puddle duck pond  fantastic weather most of the sailors were in shorts and coloured shirts except pred  who wore bathers  thongs an a rather nice bra  (he has man boobs ) other than that twas a smashing day  all in all things down this way are great  were looking for a new flying field one of out group has approached the council about an area that would do nicely   down side is we have to wait for a decision  with our council that will be way way down the track  2 weeks already  Pred an I will go to dunalley where my aircraft is hanger’d  so at least we will get a few flights  in  (the boys got some work at the shack to do )  I haven’t flown RC aircraft from the strip  so will be fun  I guess you see the photos of out sailing at the pond  (in topics ) you see the weather /wind/no wind/ sun / ducks etc  we are so fortunate to have this site we sail there on Tuesdays instead of the canal now only Saturdays….  to play with anything  big boats swamp boats or tune up the boats for next Tuesday  what ever  and of course the famous BBQ  ohhh my finger has run amuck  better let you get back to what ever you were doing   so  lets hope your circumstances get resolved   ( gunna have fun with this )   Regards Kermit la frog

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      Thanks Pred, as you know there have been a few different ones over the years.

      Kermit, maybe “circumstances” was not the correct word. Wife in hospital for a number of weeks would have been better.

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      ohhh  dear boy my apologies  the last time my ol thing  went to the mainland for a week  I to was lost  big time just like you  I had to get my dinner  and make the bed   I couldn’t have survived if my daughters didn’t  cut the wood light the fire wash the clothes vacuum the rooms feed the dogs and the fish and make my tea at night  so beleave me cobber I know how rough it can be   I trust your better half  is back to normal  or at least getting there   so I guess with “circumstances” out I will have to find another stir   Just refreshed on the clamps  I recon ol pred will fire up his 3D printer an start mass producing  those stands it is very good     love an kisses to the better half an you get  see ya

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      Not a problem Kermit, she is slowly recovering. You were lucky you had so much help. It was offered but I decided it easier just to do things when I had time.

      Anyone is free to take any thing I post and develop and improve to there hearts content. Somethings I post may be of use to others and some will leave others scratching there heads as to what I am on about.

      After more reading of this forum it seems if I ever decide to join in some rc yacht racing the recommended colour is green. Is there some fee on copywrite I need to pay.

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      Tug boat dear boy  pleased to hear the better half is improving  I post to stir the pot but there is only a few to rise an bite very disappointing  you don’t know if their chuckling or fuming  I think those that don’t come back cant use a computer  (haven’t progressed past the  neanderthal age  )  but I live in hope  On our property we have a dam  and on it I have course buoys  girls ( cant be sexists )  a little floating landing  and a launching  retrieve area  dug into the dam wall   this most sacred  place is called the Royal Toadhall Yacht Club  very exclusive   the “Royal” title hasn’t yet been approved by the Queenie  the application was posted  many years ago  (it may have slipped under her table )  this is only where the best of the best sail  thus there is only me that sail on it  lesser sea dogs can sail on it if their boats are green  and they give 3 months notification    so is there a copywrite you need to pay for the colour in short No…………  MTT  (out buss service )many years ago produced on the side of the busses a logo in two tone green I was so impressed I found out the colour and had a batch made up  so it is exclusive…..  to a point    once again good to hear  the better half is progressing well  Regards Kermit



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      The Princess got its hull wet for the first time just before lock down occurred here, it had waited patiently in dry dock for many years. Two of my grand kids were coming to visit us down south for 4 days and my grandson wanted a power boat and yacht to play with. As usual it was a last minute rush to get them sorted. The Princess was quickly outfitted with no thought of waterproofing apart from mounting the Rx up high. My grandson got the first skippering of it and I told him to back off a bit on the turns. Not the thing to say, I based it on my previous experience with a power boat, a tunnel hull which you had to back off on the turns or risk flipping it.  Not so in the case of the Princess, when you backed off the throttle it lost steering as the small rudder lost authority as the speed decreased and the waves took over. My error and proved a bit expensive but he enjoyed himself so life was good. As you can see in the video there was plenty of opportunities for water to get in, especially so when the screws holding the top hatch on vibrated out and the hatch came off.

      Unfortunately the weather was not great when they were down so we only got this run in on the last day they were down with us. And after that run it was history.

      A couple of days later the weather was perfect and it would have gone really well. Tried the yacht but the wind decided to back off and got some great footage of it bobbing up and down on the slight swell but going no where.

      No problem I thought when we get back I will take it up the lake to give it its first sail but as we all know that is on hold for some time yet.

      Hope everyone is well and hopefully a sailing video in the future.

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      GOOD stuff there  tugboat  doesn’t matter how things go as long as your doing something  .  Every one in the flying group is playing with something or other UNCLE G is flying his drone inside attacking his dog PRED is flying a sim as is Mr moose and chris has been at it to I’m playing with Kermit on the phantom drone  my very first video on our site (just now)  its a roughin but so what ay  I have been sailing the 65 and the 95 on our dam  so much fun but with no one to beat its a bit boring after an hour  but if i toddle down to the house the dragon wants me to do  stuff an i’m far to busy to do that so I stay at the dam with me dog an do men’s stuff   thanks for checkin in   me ol cobber  an I shall use the catch phase HOO ROO stay safe



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