GENERAL CHIT CHAT (inc Buy & Sell) Tugboat from WA Reply To: Tugboat from WA


YES Tugboat  we all hold the dear ol buggar in high praise if we had a presidential type country he could win it  no problem   PRESIDENT  PREDATOR  Got a ring to it ay As an  X electrician  the money in his off shore accounts could easy pay for the rallies,  the party pies, shrimps on the BBQ  an your right about being mentioned in government dispatches WHY just last year if you follow the Tasmanian government reports on  tax evasion  his name did in fact come into the light of the higher ups  but was squashed by lack of evidence and the disappearance of two witnesses   But his personality is such that when your talking to him face to face  you know your with god   so I don’t beleave  the fake news   SO I HOPE THIS GIVES YOU AN INCITE INTO OUR TASMANIAN NATIONAL TREASURE  BUGGAR I KEPT THE CAPS ON  (he hates that ) might have to stay away from sailing for a while  just to be safe        Regards kermit la frog     PS If  i don’t answer email ‘s for a while  Im going on a holiday for a while