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Congrats to the new bee  well done Justin   Profanity    I personally don’t use it  but today our own the admiral used the words BULL SHYTT to a discussion I was having with Paul where he said about  my boat that its” lighter than the older boats”  and I said that I knew that and had compensated for it by adding a pound into it  just to be fair   well  that’s when the admiral ( whom we hold in the highest esteem )  came out with the words bull shytt  being a shy reserved little fello I shy’d away from the outburst  but on reflection  I have decided to justify my statement  so here we go….. if the admiral had Gone to the duck hunter and inspected it  he would have found two one dollar coins in the stern of  her   why two one dollar coins  as I didn’t have any English currency  I substituted the dollar coins for one English pound  you all know  one dollar is 10 shillings  20 shillings  is one pound  I had one pound in the duck hunter and I would like an apology   from the admiral  beat that one     Some may have seen today a device on the back of duck hunter that I hoped would lift my fortune in the winning stakes today but alas it failed  for those that didn’t see it here it is ……….great day ay