RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 06/08/‘19


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      From a drifter in race one to being overpowered by race seven, the wind was a lottery. By the last two races the forecast North Westerlies had shown up with some gusts exceeding 20 knots.

      A full house of 12 skippers came along and we were joined by our very own dedicated PRO/scorer Sue.

      Sue wasn’t lonely for long as by race one husband Graeme #52 had retired with winch failure, joining Sue on the PRO desk.

      John #62 couldn’t get his mojo working this week. Like most in the fleet the light conditions made tacking difficult and John was often caught in irons.

      Kermit #82 was another skipper suffering a form slump today. After a promising start where he claimed a third in race two, things turned pear shape for the Duck Hunter thereafter.

      After a promising trial run last week sailing against the ‘95’s, Paul #59 couldn’t get good boat speed until near the end of the session.

      We’ve all been there, practise is the key.

      Geoff #80, with a steadily improving race pace is now happily on the way back to good health also. Geoff continued his close and personal  engagement with other boats that were in his way today, such a friendly chap!

      Mike #64 had a mixed day with two third placings. He decided rowing was better than sailing when the wind died and was spotted madly paddling his rudder to get over the finish line in race one (see pic).

      After a bit of tuning, mid session, our Don #99 started sailing well. The unflappable one claimed victory in race five with a dash of speed that left most of the fleet in his wake.

      After some spectacular sailing last week the conditions today didn’t suit our Pete #78. His best result of two second places was well below what he and Miss Pink Bits are capable of.

      Sporting a new set of home made sails our Ricky #92 was sailing well all session. Claiming a first and three thirds he was an ever present threat at the pointy end.

      Col #23 was another that suffered a form slump mid session. First places in the first and last races wasn’t enough today to put him any better than third overall.

      With a points tie between Gerald #02 and Justin #61 it came down to first place finishes to decide the winner and here, new kid on the block Justin, won the day. Gerald’s great consistency always makes him difficult to beat however today it was Justin’s turn.


      His recent form increase has been nothing short of stratospheric and with two firsts, a second and a forth he has won and won well. Congratulations and well sailed.

      After seven races with one drop, the final scores were:

      John on 59 points, Kermit on 49, Paul on 45, Geoff on 42, Mike on 34, Don on 30, Pete on 24, Ricky on 20, Col on 19, Gerald on 18 and our winner today Justin on 18 points (on countback).

      Thank you everyone for making the day so enjoyable and entertaining.

      Next week Big Brother ‘95’s are once more taking over the Duck and I look forward to enjoying your company and some very fine racing then.

      Calendar Note:

      The first of Gerald’s regular IOM Sailing days commences this Thursday 8th of August @ the Duck. Button push at 10am so if you own an IOM why not come along and enjoy sailing it on the best pond in Southern Tasmania?

      See you there!

      More pics from today’s racing/drifting available here

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      It was a great day and some great racing especially when the wind picked up can’t wait till next week

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        Yes, well done Justin.

        You were the man to beat today

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      Well done Justin, and another great report Col.

      As Col mentioned above, dig out all those old (and not so old) IOM’s and join us on Thursday at the Duck.


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      Congrats to the new bee  well done Justin   Profanity    I personally don’t use it  but today our own the admiral used the words BULL SHYTT to a discussion I was having with Paul where he said about  my boat that its” lighter than the older boats”  and I said that I knew that and had compensated for it by adding a pound into it  just to be fair   well  that’s when the admiral ( whom we hold in the highest esteem )  came out with the words bull shytt  being a shy reserved little fello I shy’d away from the outburst  but on reflection  I have decided to justify my statement  so here we go….. if the admiral had Gone to the duck hunter and inspected it  he would have found two one dollar coins in the stern of  her   why two one dollar coins  as I didn’t have any English currency  I substituted the dollar coins for one English pound  you all know  one dollar is 10 shillings  20 shillings  is one pound  I had one pound in the duck hunter and I would like an apology   from the admiral  beat that one     Some may have seen today a device on the back of duck hunter that I hoped would lift my fortune in the winning stakes today but alas it failed  for those that didn’t see it here it is ……….great day ay


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        And a fine looking boat is the Duck Hunter 2 to be sure.

        Expect to see great things from this once she is tuned in (even without the turbo booster fan)

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      Very nice paint job Kermit

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      Another great day.Awesome job Justin

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      ALL THIS PRAISE ON A NEW BEE ……….. ANOTHER ONE IV GOTTA KNOCK OFF  when his brother comes on line  look out….  just got to get the sails set right  an wham  you lot will be wake at his stern  go Paul

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        You sound a little bit pissed off that I won mate everyone’s gotta win eventually it was just a lucky day for me everyone has good days and bad days and I’m not worried about you knocking me off because you have done it several times see ya next week

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      Thank you  Pete   Paul’s yellow boat is easy to spot at a distance  the black stripe sets the line  I think were getting nice colours on the pond  ay  by the way     hows it feel to be knocked off the podium  an a whipper sniper  standing in your place  if some one was to take my place at the rear end of the fleet  I would be out of sorts  ……………just sayin

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      I am just hoping that Bob Dylan was correct when he wrote “the slow one now will later be fast”

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      THAT must be a reference to me    although I’m not after the accolades  the glory  the hero worship the status of hero of the pond  no Iv been there done that …………….when I was born

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      Justin  me widdle mate  by now you should have realised I take the p …a out of any and every one there’s  no offence no malice  intended  its just like friendly banter  to get a stir started   we have rules  an more damn rules  its nice to stir the possums   an your reply is what I was after  well done  and yes i will whip your butt  next sail

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      Look forward to it and hopefully we get a windy day

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