GENERAL CHIT CHAT (inc Buy & Sell) Tugboat from WA Reply To: Tugboat from WA


TUGBOAT DEAR BOY , good to hear from you  first of all  as an absolute honest fello  I did in fact tell a little white fib  on the sailing bit   …………the ice wasn’t that bad   You mentioned “circumstances ” your not loosing your hair/ wobblie on your feet like predator /loosing eye sight like predator / forgetfulness like moose / cant hold your water like moooose    are you   Tomorrow we will have a conference at the BBQ after sailing  to guess what  “circumstances  ” could be  that will sure beat listening to moooose yack on     I like the stand very much  what I use is two polystyrene squares cut to the hull shape that works fine for me but bare in mind I don’t have any  CIRCUMSTANCES  to contend with (god damn that was clever )  incidentally that’s  a good lookin sail boat you have there   you want to see predators mount a gay boat he’s putting a lot of work / time into it there’s no way hes getting behind me when were sailing  if he gets to close to my stern I will ver off  no way is mountagay getting near my stern  were been having some fun at puddle duck pond  fantastic weather most of the sailors were in shorts and coloured shirts except pred  who wore bathers  thongs an a rather nice bra  (he has man boobs ) other than that twas a smashing day  all in all things down this way are great  were looking for a new flying field one of out group has approached the council about an area that would do nicely   down side is we have to wait for a decision  with our council that will be way way down the track  2 weeks already  Pred an I will go to dunalley where my aircraft is hanger’d  so at least we will get a few flights  in  (the boys got some work at the shack to do )  I haven’t flown RC aircraft from the strip  so will be fun  I guess you see the photos of out sailing at the pond  (in topics ) you see the weather /wind/no wind/ sun / ducks etc  we are so fortunate to have this site we sail there on Tuesdays instead of the canal now only Saturdays….  to play with anything  big boats swamp boats or tune up the boats for next Tuesday  what ever  and of course the famous BBQ  ohhh my finger has run amuck  better let you get back to what ever you were doing   so  lets hope your circumstances get resolved   ( gunna have fun with this )   Regards Kermit la frog