GENERAL CHIT CHAT (inc Buy & Sell) Tugboat from WA Reply To: Tugboat from WA


ohhh  dear boy my apologies  the last time my ol thing  went to the mainland for a week  I to was lost  big time just like you  I had to get my dinner  and make the bed   I couldn’t have survived if my daughters didn’t  cut the wood light the fire wash the clothes vacuum the rooms feed the dogs and the fish and make my tea at night  so beleave me cobber I know how rough it can be   I trust your better half  is back to normal  or at least getting there   so I guess with “circumstances” out I will have to find another stir   Just refreshed on the clamps  I recon ol pred will fire up his 3D printer an start mass producing  those stands it is very good     love an kisses to the better half an you get  see ya