GENERAL CHIT CHAT (inc Buy & Sell) Tugboat from WA Reply To: Tugboat from WA


Tug boat dear boy  pleased to hear the better half is improving  I post to stir the pot but there is only a few to rise an bite very disappointing  you don’t know if their chuckling or fuming  I think those that don’t come back cant use a computer  (haven’t progressed past the  neanderthal age  )  but I live in hope  On our property we have a dam  and on it I have course buoys  girls ( cant be sexists )  a little floating landing  and a launching  retrieve area  dug into the dam wall   this most sacred  place is called the Royal Toadhall Yacht Club  very exclusive   the “Royal” title hasn’t yet been approved by the Queenie  the application was posted  many years ago  (it may have slipped under her table )  this is only where the best of the best sail  thus there is only me that sail on it  lesser sea dogs can sail on it if their boats are green  and they give 3 months notification    so is there a copywrite you need to pay for the colour in short No…………  MTT  (out buss service )many years ago produced on the side of the busses a logo in two tone green I was so impressed I found out the colour and had a batch made up  so it is exclusive…..  to a point    once again good to hear  the better half is progressing well  Regards Kermit