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My how time flies, it is almost 2 months since I refitted the deck to the Badger II and NOTHING has been done to it since.

Been distracted for the last couple of weeks rebuilding a DF65 (ex Hoppy)but now that is finished, except for a set of A+ sails, it’s time to get back to the Badger.

Today, after sanding the edges of the deck to better match the hull it was time to manufacture & install the rubbing strips to hide the deck/hull join.

Cut some thin strips of timber with the previously built strip cutter then changed to a curved router cutter to round over the bottom edge of the strip.












Started epoxying the first strip into place by attaching the bow end then once set epoxying the rest into place. I think once finished it should look pretty good.


Time to get back to the gluing!!