RC BOATING YACHTING Builds Predators Mount Gay 30 rebuild Reply To: Predators Mount Gay 30 rebuild


TUGBOAT DEAR BOY yes I noticed the green tape (I think he is trying to get in my good books )   your’v been quite for a while cat got ya tongue after Tuesdays sail i’m not all that happy with the buggar  every one is going like mad to get my coveted position  he and mudflats  were very serious contenders  but I outfought predator for second  it was rough /dirty /conniving  just the way i like it   I THINK NOW he knows how serious I intend to keep my place I think he will give up an play with the  podium  crowd  HIS USUAL MOB   any way good to hear from you  please keep on stickin (HUMOUR )   it to pred as I know how much he enjoys it  HAVE A GOOD DAY COBBER     BUGGAR CAPS AGAIN    sowwery pred