RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 01/10/‘19 Reply To: Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 01/10/‘19


TUGBOAT  DEAR BOY  DAMN I KNEW ABOUT DROPPING a race  thank you for the reminder that is  the way I will go from now on  that will keep the pesky interlopers out from my treasured spot  (well done ) ol pred sent a message said his groin is improving an thanked me for his wins the hatch cover on his MOUNT A GAY  however is still in need of repair  NEXT TIME HE HANDLES HIS MOUNTAGAY BOAT he should put on baby powder “your thoughts ”   as for your suggestion for the front of the group  no way narda ho ho ho  did you know that when we go for a coffee the winners wear a tie next it will be a suit   such is the power of the growing group of the podium bunch  nice of the admiral to chase up BMW and ansett airlines for sponsorship ay  such an innovative fello   THANKS for the heads up