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      Bella Vista Puddleduck, you turned on another spectacular race day for us.

      Sunny, light W – NW – N breezes (yes it changed a lot) and nine happy skippers to enjoy it.

      Ron #71 aka The Bank Manager, aka Bulldog Barrett assumed his regular habitat and had a day whereupon Kermit #82 was once more deposed from his favoured last position by him. To be fair Kermit had his fair share of excitement with wayward rigs, boat equipment and such, then completely lost the plot by winning the last two races.

      Paul #59 couldn’t get Tiger Cub One off the benches at all today, however brother Justin #61 was the opposite story with three podium places and a regular at the pointy end of the fleet.

      Great to see Darcey #48 out on the water again today. Darcey sailed well but lacked the speed we are used to seeing from him. He later confessed to having assembled the Main Boom/Gooseneck ballrace incorrectly before coming out!

      Another one of our not so regular Merry Men Tony #32 came out to play today and was sailing very well right up to race four when he was called away for another commitment and had to go.

      Don #99’s normal good humour was severely tested today. The unflappable one had a frustrating time and just couldn’t get his Mojo working. I‘m no fortune teller but I can see a major boat setup is in Don’s immediate future.

      Our Geoff #80 had another kangaroo day after a first, a second, then a third place finish in race one, two and three then it all went pear shape with three mid field finishes in a row.

      Off the PRO bench and sailing da Duck for the first time was new bloke Phil. Gerald generously loaned him #02 for the day and we finally got a taste of what this dark horse is capable of. He was Mr consistency and fast alright with a fourth as worst result, showing great skill in handling the tricky conditions, an unfamiliar boat and Tx.

      Col #23 aka ‘The Admiral’ brought his A game today and his string of first places eventually caught the nasty handicappers eye (Gerald). Despite this unwanted attention he still managed to scrape home the least points to win the day.

      After eight races with two drops the final tally was:

      Ron on 50 points, Paul on 42, Don on 31, Kermit on 25, Justin on 22, Darcey on 20, Geoff on 17, Phil on 15 and our winner for today, Col on 14 points.

      Special thanks to Gerald for being a top clubman in loaning Phil his boat and volunteering to be RO today with all handicaps (except The Admirals) being fair and just.

      Congratulations everyone and thank you  for coming out to enjoy another great day @ da Duck.

      Our fantastic hosts @ Puddleduck Vineyard have once more come through for us and added many more hundreds of litres of water into the pond. The floating pipe is now nowhere to be seen and we once more have the whole dam to play in.

      This Thursday 3rd of September is IOM day @ da Duck and with all the extra water now in the dam there’s never been a better time to dust off yer metre boat and go sailing!!

      Next week it’s time to loose the DF95 greyhounds upon some unsuspecting buoys.

      See you there!

      …. lastly the inside start buoy is now closer in to the bank to permit a longer starting line!

      Words by the Admiral, pics by Kermit, fun by everyone.

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      It was a awesome day with some good racing and the weather is only Gunna get better

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        Mate you are a weapon now and will be watched closely. 👀

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      Well done Col, But you were lucky If I had removed the wet ballast from inside #02 before the last race I’m sure Phil would’ve held you off.

      (Another high quality Joysway hull bites the dust!)

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        It’ll polish out donnaworryboutit!!

        Appreciate the help there Gerald but Phil is going to need a lot more nobbling in future if he is going to sail like that!!

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      Gerald, a roll or two of duct tape may help!!

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      For those that are interested today’s Score Sheet has been added to Col’s original post.

      Sorry I couldn’t make it today, but it looks like it was another enjoyable day.

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      NOTHING MUCH HAPPENED TODAY usual stuff  win not win  been there done that  but wait  I have been reliably informed that the admiral yes our admiral is devising a cunning plan as I see it there isn’t much separating the podium group from the not podium sailors  so the admiral is getting support from BMW and ansett airlines to donate  top items for the winner of the days sailing at the pond  things like BMW CAR  ; FLIGHTS TO  ALASKA  an so on   stay tuned or ring the admiral for more information on his plan  today  some may have witnessed a horrible horrible incident   at the pond   it started as a pleading crying mournful whimper from predator last night  he was playing with his MOUNTAGAY  when the injury occurred to his pelvis  his request was for me to win a race for him a proxie you might say   to please him I agreed  and so fello sailors I fulfilled    my promise but it was so easy I did it twice for him   I pledge gentlemen it will not happen again   and in doing my good deed bulldog  secured my rightful place on the pond   so there ya go  pat your selves on the back pond sailors  you may not get to be as good as me but keep trying  twas a good day   A  fellow sailor at the lauderdale canal was in attendance for a while moooose ( until he retired to clean his antlers )  he has been crook for a while now so good see him there


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      Kermit, you could have kept your promise to Pred???? and still come last by nominating to drop your highest scores. You would be then in your claimed rightful position. Stats can be made to show anything you want. Maybe you aspire to the front of the group????

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        Yes, I suspect an ulterior motive there. Sneaky!!

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      TUGBOAT  DEAR BOY  DAMN I KNEW ABOUT DROPPING a race  thank you for the reminder that is  the way I will go from now on  that will keep the pesky interlopers out from my treasured spot  (well done ) ol pred sent a message said his groin is improving an thanked me for his wins the hatch cover on his MOUNT A GAY  however is still in need of repair  NEXT TIME HE HANDLES HIS MOUNTAGAY BOAT he should put on baby powder “your thoughts ”   as for your suggestion for the front of the group  no way narda ho ho ho  did you know that when we go for a coffee the winners wear a tie next it will be a suit   such is the power of the growing group of the podium bunch  nice of the admiral to chase up BMW and ansett airlines for sponsorship ay  such an innovative fello   THANKS for the heads up


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