RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2019 First Fly In @ The Field 3rd October 2019 Reply To: First Fly In @ The Field 3rd October 2019


Yet another fine production there BA, and some nice flying to boot. Yes it was a shame about the couple of mishaps but they always make for an interesting day.

Upon closer inspection the Phoenix is easily repairable yet again but in reality I think it time to go out to pasture and for FB’s Skyclimber to be pressed into service. The foam of the Phoenix has been boiled & straightened so many times that it seem to have lost much of its structural integrity which is what I think is causing it to be re trimmed all the time.

A new airframe will be nice.

I have plenty more operational planes so fee free to schedule our next fly in as soon as the weather suits. Almost always free for a fly.