RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2019 First Fly In @ The Field 3rd October 2019

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      The weather gods were certainly kind to us today with a balmy 28deg and a light to very light wind for our first fly in at “The Field”.

      We had a fair turn up with Ross, Kermit, Ian, Stephen & yours truly, all with various flying machines. Gerald also dropped in to say hello after the mornings IOM sailing @ The Duck

      Kermit brought along his massive “portable” generator and Vacuum cleaner to give the old shed a bit of a clean up.

      Unfortunately the day was not without incident and the first casualty of the day was Ian with his P4 quad. He had programmed waypoints into his P4 for it to fly an unaided  circumnavigation of the field but unfortunately his programmed course took the quad straight through a grove of trees and his flying height was way too low. Luckily the final GPS readout on his FPV screen allowed us to pinpoint where the quad went down & after a long walk by Stephen & Mike the P4 was recovered a little worse for wear but no doubt repairable.

      Kermit had his P3 quad and the intrepid Kermit (the stuffed frog variety) was soon showing off his parachuting prowess (after a couple of candles).

      Above is some video of the earlier attempt and hopefully Ross has a perfect jump video from his new 4K stabilised handi cam as well.

      After a bit of setup & tuning work Stephen had several uneventful flights with his home brew plane. Ross also had a couple of flight with the Bix 3 & P3 without any issues.

      I had the Bix 2 Sport up for several flights and apart from once getting rather close to Ross’s P3 at one stage the Bix performed well.

      My “Phoenix” Skyclimber had only one short flight before spiralling into terra firma when I inadvertently screwed with the elevator control pot rather than the aileron control pot.

      Poor old Skyclimber has been pranged and rebuilt so many times that it needs pot adjustments on the control surfaces just to get it to fly flat & level, they work fine as long as you adjust the correct one. Oh well nothing a bit hot glue wont fix.

      After all the cleaning, walking & rescuing and a bit of flying we broke for a BBQ lunch around 1:00pm  and then packed up about 2:30 as the southerly change just started to blow in.

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      for those interested  Kermit had a perfect basic stable position during his descent  he was not harmed just a tad winded on his arrival with tera ferma   his next  jump was a dozie  floating around on up-drafts and just loving life  go kermie

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      Oh dear, but great action video Pred…ha ha

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        Yet another fine production there BA, and some nice flying to boot. Yes it was a shame about the couple of mishaps but they always make for an interesting day.

        Upon closer inspection the Phoenix is easily repairable yet again but in reality I think it time to go out to pasture and for FB’s Skyclimber to be pressed into service. The foam of the Phoenix has been boiled & straightened so many times that it seem to have lost much of its structural integrity which is what I think is causing it to be re trimmed all the time.

        A new airframe will be nice.

        I have plenty more operational planes so fee free to schedule our next fly in as soon as the weather suits. Almost always free for a fly.

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      Hi Gang

      What a great venue and some nice and not so nice flying

      Can’t wait till next time to join the the mob at the field

      I see Kermit has at last found his job as house wife. Well done Kermit

      Every body seems to be set up nicely for the Cafe

      Well done every one and I hope to join you next time

      The Moose

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        We missed you Moose but but but I saw your horns  was I dreaming

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      Top video  BAD angel along with Predators videos its shaping up to be flying videos to wait for  Miss piggy ‘s nickers are now washed and dried an back on  so shes set to go……… Next flight it will be the Aussie flag  and Mr and Mrs Kermit  doing the leap of faith  again TOP GUNS best ever student was in attendance  UNCLE G    but was unable to display his extraordinary skill due to CASSA  denying him  a permit to enter the outer limits of space  from our new field   so Earth bound he may have to stay   If you dear viewer are interested in aviation then try TOP GUN flight school  where we guarantee you a flight out of this world  at a trivial price  pay pal / visa / pay as  you go / direct deposit  all cards welcome  CFI in attendance  along with another wan ta be  CFI  from that other group  “the field gang”   no more back slapping on the acquisition of the new field were into it  let the field gang follow the lead from the TOP GUN  flight school   up up an away

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        Kermit you have a way with words… Write a book

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