RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2019 First Fly In @ The Field 3rd October 2019 Reply To: First Fly In @ The Field 3rd October 2019


Top video  BAD angel along with Predators videos its shaping up to be flying videos to wait for  Miss piggy ‘s nickers are now washed and dried an back on  so shes set to go……… Next flight it will be the Aussie flag  and Mr and Mrs Kermit  doing the leap of faith  again TOP GUNS best ever student was in attendance  UNCLE G    but was unable to display his extraordinary skill due to CASSA  denying him  a permit to enter the outer limits of space  from our new field   so Earth bound he may have to stay   If you dear viewer are interested in aviation then try TOP GUN flight school  where we guarantee you a flight out of this world  at a trivial price  pay pal / visa / pay as  you go / direct deposit  all cards welcome  CFI in attendance  along with another wan ta be  CFI  from that other group  “the field gang”   no more back slapping on the acquisition of the new field were into it  let the field gang follow the lead from the TOP GUN  flight school   up up an away