By helican  take a picture of a pelican  JOKE HA HA oh dear……. moving on …..can a dog change his spots  well it seems a certain bulldog cant  for once again our own indelible Mr bulldog RON B just cant break the habit of touching the mudflats   spotted retrieving his very nice black with  purple sail 65 from the hard  words of wisdom were heard from his direction  something like f**** &   S *******NAUGHTY PEOPLE  THE WORDS WERE flamin  & stupid       god you  lot are crook   so we move on to another adventurer  MR MOOOOOOOSE  WHAT A SURPRISE back from Alaska where he was rutting  (thats cleaning his antlers )   he has returned to the canal to again give us regulars cheer and frivolity   with his antlers clean  he appears to have lost a bit of height   but he does look and sound frisky  so its now back to us to endeavour to stop him from removing his gear  as he enviably does  at the BBQ  Pink bits displayed a dazzling display of  manoeuvres with uncle gs camera boat  finally chasing him from our turf an back to his ever diminishing crew of old and wheel chair bound wan ta be sailors  predator sailed today with miss Abigail taking heed of the advice given on this site in calendar  about “gay things ” the power of the media   so all in all a good turn up  good sailing  excellent BBQ  wild and outrageous storeys from moose  of his misadventures in Alaska  if only MRS mooose knew what he got up to  he wouldn’t be ruttin anymore    great day