RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2019 Fly-In @ The Field 15th October 2019 Reply To: Fly-In @ The Field 15th October 2019


DID I SEE THE MOOSE FLYING    ( see pic )  well done ol fella acrobatics too fantastic  also flying is TOP GUNS  flying ace  UNCLE G  SHOWING THE MORE SENIOR FLYERS WHY HE’S THE BEST   a fine example of brilliant training  by the best CFI  in tasmania if not the world  you to can be one of the best by enrolling in the next class of training at top gun flight school   again a fine presentation of flying video by bad angel and predator  well done to you both if you had trained by top gun  you would have been able to have done it better  but still good try   Predator junior was in fine form nice flying there      The up up an away kid IAN was again doing his thing and doing it well from what I can see  brilliant flyer  unfortunately not from TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL     See even crook even crooker than moooose  I can still write a story   LASTLY  I have nearly finished the new sign  “the field ” caricatures of individuals is  almost finished as well ……. as bad tempered as the mooooose is I have done him as a gentle moose   god damn that was difficult